Club Member Joshlyn, 4th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club is special because Jesse, Priscilla and staff. They are like my dad or mom because I go all day until 8:00pm. I also love Stephanie. I think she is like my mom because I learn from her how to behave.”

Club Member Melissa G., 6th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club of Pharr Texas is special for me because they welcome me and treat me like family. They feed me and make me feel better when I’m really sad. I’m also thankful because they teach me what’s wrong and what’s right.”

Club Member Oriam L. 5th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club is special because people take care of me and I meet new people that are not mean to me. I am thankful for the food that they give us and I get to meet old friends.”

Club Member Leslie R., 4th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club is special to me because they take care of me. They love me and most of all they make me feel at home. They just don’t love me, but they show me respect. I love the ones who take care of me.”

Club Member Jeannette C., 5th Grade- “The Boys & Girls Club is special because when we come here, they tell you hi and when you feel sad, they ask you what is wrong. I like it because we do fun activities and we do a lot of sports. They also help you with whatever you need. Thank you Boys & Girls Club : )”

Club Member Catherine P., 5th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club is so special because it is like being at a shelter, where I feel safe from any harm. The people in charge always motivate me into things that I think I cant do. They are second guardian angels, lighting the way for kids and teens.”

Club Member Aaron R., 3rd Grade- “The club is special to me for the wonderful staff. Jesse’s room is the best because we play pool and foose ball. The gym is fun because we play basketball. Priscilla’s room because we paint.”

Club Member Isaac G., 4th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club is special to me because the men and women are like my step parents. I thank the Boys and Girls Club because we do a lot of fun things. They let us do a lot of und stuff and they also teach us.”

Club Member L.R., 6th Grade- “Boys and Girls Club is special to me because they take care of me when my mom and dad are working, they give me food, and they help me with homework and encourage me. I only see my parents for very little time; I spend more time in Boys and Girls Club than with my parents.”

Club Member Bianca L., 5th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club is special to me because when I’m feeling down, there is someone there to make me feel better. It inspires me to try my best. Also because I get to spend time with my friends and I get to have FUN.”

Club Member Samantha C., 4th Grade- “The boys and girls club is special to me because it provided me a home. They always encourage me to do a lot of things. They are always there for me, they are like family and they are supportive.”

Club Member Ramon S., 5th Grade- “I think that they Boys & girls Club is special to me because they let you play in the gym, his name is Josh. Jesse is in the gameroom and Rachel helps you with your homework and Priscilla is in the arts and crafts room and Ana is the one how helps people too and Ceccy is Rachel’s co-worker.”

Teen Club Member Charlie C., 6th Grade- “I like the Boys and Girls Club because they helped me get in shape :D”

Teen Club Member Perla S., 9th Grade- “It’s special to me because the staff always help me when I need help with my homework. They also help me relax when I come from a stressed day from school.”

Teen Club Member Indy, 7th Grade- “Because they let me be me.”

Teen Club Member Donovan G., 7th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club of Pharr is special to me because it’s where I met my friends. It’s like a second home to me. I’ve been here for about 8 years now and everyday we learn new things. I have fun here all the time and it will always have a place in my heart.”

Teen Club Member Cassandra G., 7th Grade- “The Boys & Girls Club is special to me because I can meet new people and socialize with my friends.”

Teen club Member Esmeralda S., 7th Grade- “The club is special to me because its like my other home. People are so nice and they care for you. So this is like my other family.”

Teen Club Member Jesus A., 8th Grade- “It helps get the stress out of me and I can have fun with my friends.”

Teen Club Member Kiara M., 7th Grade- “The Boys & Girls Club of Pharr is a very unique and an unforgettable place. It’s special to me because everyone can give their point of view on things. The staff like to know our perspective on things. It’s a place where you can socialize and participate in extracurricular activities. I LOVE THE CLUB.”

Teen Club Member Alex I, 8th Grade- “The Boys and Girls Club is special to me because I have a lot of fun and I love the staff because they are very polite. I encourage everybody to come to the Boys and Girls Club. This is way better than the streets.”

Teen Club Member Daniel M., 7th Grade- “The Boys & Girls of Pharr is special to me because I get to play football outside with my friends and because I get to joke around and hang out with my friends. ..but I still behave.”

Teen Club Member Daniel R., 9th Grade- “It is special because we can play sports and because Xavier and Bonnie are good staff. Also because the food my mom makes is so good and delicious. It is very special mostly because we stay away from drugs and bad people. We come to have fun and to be friends with everybody.

Club Parent Veronica C.- “It has a great impact on my family. I love the programs that the B&G Club offers. My son enjoys attending this club very much.”

Club Parent Maria R.- “The Boys & Girls Club of Pharr has had a positive impact on my child. He has become an athletic person and very social. He has made new friends and has learned things I wouldn’t have been able to teach him. I’m thankful that the club is a safe and educational environment for my son. “

Club Parent Andrea G.- “Muy contenta porque aquí cuidan de mi hija y además hacen su tarea y le ayudan en varias cosas. Gracias. “

Club Parent Angela S.- “It gives them a chance to learn how to get along with kids their age and learn how to participate and be part of the community.”

Club Parent Martha V.- “Para mí, el Boys y Girls Club es un lugar para que los niños aprendan mas y se desenvuelvan mejor…se animen mas convivan con otros niños todo el personal es muy amable. No tengo ninguna queja de ellos.”

Club Parent Samuel M.- “I believe that it has a positive impact on my family by helping my kids take the right path in life.”

Club Parent Ana H.- “Mis Niños les encanta venir, no quieren perderse ningún día. Esta muy bien todo en el club.”

Club Parent Jose J.- “Nos ha ayudado a repartir mejor nuestro tiempo entre trabajo y casa, evitando así situaciones estresantes. Además de ayudar a nuestra hija a relacionarse socialmente teniendo mas amigas y haciendo la sentir útil al servir de ayuda a otras personas a través de la cocina.”

Club Parent Cecilia A.- “It’s a safe place for the kids and they get to meet new friends. They stay away from bad things and I know they are in good hands.”

Club Parent Felicia W.- “Es un lugar seguro para los niños y además de que los cuidan los ayudan con sus tareas y por eso estoy feliz de que mi hija asista a este lugar. Porque no podría estar en mejores manos que aquí.”