Education & Career

The Boys & Girls Club of Pharr promotes the following programs to help enable youth become proficient in basic educational disciplines, apply learning to everyday situations and embrace technology to achieve success in a career.

College/Career Prep Programs

Goals for Growth
This program teaches Club members, ages 8-12, skills for setting and achieving goals, helps them identify their own strengths and enhances their self-esteem by reinforcing their progress and recognizing their success in realizing their goals. Members set goals in six areas: Club involvement; discovery of new knowledge, skills or pastimes; service to others; school improvement; personal improvement and career awareness.

Junior Staff Career Development
A program designed to guide youth, ages 14-18, toward careers in youth development or human services by nurturing their leadership skills and providing guided, practical experiences. While working at the Clubs, youth learn valuable job skills for future careers while they run the front desk, supervise the game room, and maintain the membership tracking system.

This program, the result of a partnership between Boys & Girls Clubs of America and the Corporation for National Service (AmeriCorps), provides education awards to Club members' ages 17 and 18 and Club alumni ages 19 to 24 who serve their Clubs and communities. CLUBService recognizes young people's service, helps them access higher education opportunities and encourages them to pursue future careers as Club professionals. This program is funded by AmeriCorps.

Power Hour: Making Minutes Count
A daily program designed to help Club members be more successful in school by providing homework help and tutoring and encouraging members to become self-directed learners.

Special Events and Miscellaneous Programs
Statewide Education Day (Geography, Spelling, Math, Science & Trivia contests), International Day, variety of educational games, etc.

Science Programs

Ultimate Journey
This internationally recognized, award-winning environmental education program leads Club members ages 6-12 on a fun-filled journey into the beautiful and amazing world of plants and animals. Through participation in games, crafts and discovery-based activities, young people develop an awareness of the environment, acquire a better understanding of how human actions affect nature, reinforce math and science skills and learn about conservation of our natural resources.