Special Events

The Boys & Girls Club of Pharr hosts several Special Events throughout the year. Each Special Event is geared towards the club members and their parents, as well as for Board Member Participation.

Youth of the Year Competition
The goal of this event is to recognize exceptional Boys & Girls Club youth and give them the voice and path to showcase personal development and achieve their dreams. This event is held because club members deserve to be recognized for their character, personal growth, leadership qualities and outstanding achievements. Such youth demonstrate what can be achieved by participating in Boys & Girls Clubs.

End of Summer Program
This program is offered to give club members the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of our summer audience and their parents. Club members of all ages have the opportunity to dance, sing, act or receive one of the many awards that are handed out each year.

Haunted House
This program gives community youth the opportunity to enter a safe Haunted House without having to pay a lot of money. Teen club members volunteer to put this house together one month in advance. This event is held for three days and is conducted in our club gym.

Thanksgiving Dinner
This program is offered to all club members and community members as well as their families. This event gives the entire community the opportunity to share stories in a festive environment. Also, some of our club members many not have a Thanksgiving Dinner with their family. This is why there is no charge for this event. Staff members work very hard to get 100% of the items used for this event donated.

Christmas Celebration
This celebration is offered to all of our club members and their parents. Club members get to see the original Santa Clause right before they get to pick out a present. Club parents aren't left out of this celebration, as they receive raffle prizes throughout the night. This program is made possible through the very hard work of the Marine Reserves Toys for Tots program.

Special Event Fundraisers

A Night of Fun
The participants in this event are given finger foods, there is an open bar, participate in door prize raffles, participants compete for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes. This event is held at the Tierra Del Sol Golf Club Ballroom. The City of Pharr graciously allows the use of this facility without a charge.

Charity Horse Show, hosted by Jumping G. Equestrian Center
The participants in this event take part in several riding categories. Sponsors and participants then attend a cash bar accompanied with a complimentary dinner. Ribbons are awarded to the participants in their respective categories. This event is held at the Jumping G. Equestrian Center, Dr. Hector Guerra, Jr. and Dana Guerra graciously allow the use of this facility without a charge.

Shoot to Build, Skeet Shoot
The participants in this event take part in team shooting, with scores being recorded for the best overall shooters. Participants take part in door prizes and overall 1st, 2nd and 3rd shooters. Sponsors and participants then attend a complimentary lunch. This event was held in North Edinburg.