Each of our Clubs is equipped with a Technology Center, complete with Internet accessible computers along with photography and video equipment. The curriculum is expansive to cover a broad range of member interests and to promote exploration of technical skills to enhance academic achievement and career opportunities.

Boys & Girls Club of Pharr's technology program is designed to support a multitude of learning styles and environments through a combination of self-directed learning, group instruction and individual teaching.

Primary Goals of Technology Program
  • Provide youth with access to technology.
  • Develop members' technical skills.
  • Promote workforce readiness by increasing career options for youth.
  • Support members' academic performance.

Secondary Goals and Objectives
  • Nurture youths' creativity through multi-media, writing and art.
  • Enhance overall Club programs through total infusion of technology
  • And encourage responsible usage of technology. (e.g., safe Internet use).

Technology Center Programs
  • Safe and responsible Internet use and research
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Presentations
  • Graphic arts and animation
  • Desktop layout and publishing
  • Web design and production
  • Digital photography
  • Video production
  • Music mixing